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I conduct photography tours in exotic and enchanting destinations worldwide. During the past 12 years we have visited India eight times (all different itineraries), Mongolia, China, Laos, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia to mention a few. With my wife Maria, we constantly search for destinations that will allow our participants to produce book quality images.

Indeed, some of our participants have won photography competitions and have had magazine articles published.  One went on to become a contributing editor of a ravel magazine.  Another self published a photography book and to date has had two exhibitions of her work.

To see some images of past Photo Tours, take a look at

Participants who travel with us on our tours come from all walks of life and have a range of photography skills.  Some are new to digital photography and their cameras and some have travelled with us a few or many times and are accomplished.  No matter what skill level you have, I coach each and every participant and hold mini-workshops during the photo tours.
Hiring locals as models is a regular occurrence in our tours.

For example we have engaged the services of:

Camel drivers in Morocco and India
Stilt fishermen and coconut sellers in Sri Lanka
Tribal people in Myanmar, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Laos
Apsara dancers in Cambodia
Golden eagle hunters in Mongolia
Tengger horseman in Java

If you are interested in visiting exotic destinations and improving your camera skills, please send an email. 

Photo Tours are the logical extension of the Part 1 - Getting The Best From Your Digital Camera 1 day seminar, and Part 2 - Hands-On Practical 1 day workshop.

With the knowledge and experience learned from these 2 courses you are ideally qualified to attend the Photo Tours and if you are already familiar with your camera you will have no problem in learning more about how to use it. You will learn about approach, composition, seeing light, working with people and honing your skills in “street” photography. Melbourne also conducts one-day Photoshop training courses.


I highly recommend Melbourne and Photo Tours Indonesia to anyone looking to take their photography to the next level. Whether you have just bought a new point and shoot and want to take advantage of all the digital features or you are an experienced photographer who wants one-on-one advice from a seasoned professional, you will not be disappointed! Take advantage of one of PTI’s photography tours, like I did to Mount Bromo in East Java, and you will get to put your new skills and knowledge to use and see immediate and dramatic results!

Michael Hirsch, Houston.